Vacation Update!

Hello lovely readers! I just got back from the most wonderful vacation in Montreal and I am officially smitten with the city. It’s an amazing place that is SO vibrant in the summer! You really feel like you’re in Europe that times, how amazing is that? The streets are always alive and so many people walk and cycle. Lots of people drive too and traffic is horrible, I can’t imagine driving there.

One of my favorites things I do was hike to the top of Mont Royal and watch the sunset. There were hundreds of other people up there doing the same, I was surprised by all the people actually! The walk up is so lovely and lush and the views at the top are gorgeous!

Another must in Montreal is grabbing a bagel at one of the many bagel shops. 90 cents for a bagel fresh out the oven that doesn’t taste anythign like the bagels you buy at the store!

There are also so many patios in the city and at 5pm everyone leaves work to grab a drink on a patio. It’s very common to go for drinks after work from 5 to 7pm, and if you walk by any patio in the city, you’ll understand why!

I would highly recommend visiting Montreal! I was only there a few days but I hope to return for longer one day!

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