Best Tips for a Restful Sleep?

I really need some advice! Normally I sleep like a baby every night. I go to bed around 11 PM and I wake up at 6 AM with no problem. But last night the strangest thing happened. I laid in bed for three hours before I fell asleep!  Even worse, once I did fall asleep it was a very light sleep and I woke up every hour on the hour. So I probably only got three hours of sleep and I was so exhausted today at work. Honestly this sort of thing never happens to me so I was wondering if there are any ideas about what I can do to prevent this from happening in the future?  A girlfriend at work told me if I can’t fall asleep to get up and have a snack but that sounds kind of crazy. Who wants to get up in the middle of the night and cook LOL. I was thinking maybe a more natural remedy might be appropriate. I’ve heard magnesium baths are a great way to relax and get sleepy. Any other ideas for what I can do? I would appreciate your suggestions so much!

Shopping and Burgers

I just had the best day at the outlets near Seattle! I love shopping but it can get so expensive so the outlet mall is a great way to still shop but also get some great deals! I live not too far from Seattle so every few months my girlfriends and I like to take a trip to the outlets to check out any new deals. Today I found a really cute bag at Fossil that I’ll have to upload some photos of. I have to admit I’m not much of a photographer but I guess I’ll have to improve my skills to show you on the blog LOL. We also went to this great burger place next to the outlets and you can get bunless burgers. I’ve been trying to cut back on carbs so I got a burger with a lettuce bun rather than a bread bun. It sounds crazy but it’s actually really good. If you ever make it out to the outlet malls you have to try this burger place. And don’t be afraid to go bunless. LOL.

Yummy Dinner Idea

New week new recipe! You’ve got to try this amazing cauliflower curry recipe I found online last week. I made it for dinner last night and finished it today for lunch LOL. I thought it would last me a few meals but it was too delicious! Next time I make it I’ll have to double the recipe or maybe just not eat as much LOL. It has cauliflower, mushrooms, kale, onions and coconut milk in it so it’s very clean but also very delicious. It might be my favourite thing I’ve ever made for myself because it almost tastes like eating in a restaurant but way healthier! Give the recipe a try and let me know what you think!

Hello world!

Hello and welcome to my blog! My name is Cheryl Hall and I am the voice behind Paisley and Peppermint! I have always thought about starting my own blog and I decided to finally take the leap. I love to travel, shop, cook, and spend time with friends so I thought this blog could be a great way to capture those events and share them with my friends and family and hopefully also the broader world. I hope you enjoy following along and please send me any blog post ideas you have and I’ll try to accommodate them. Talk soon!